Remploy was founded to support disability in the workplace and was government owned up to 2013. The business is committed to providing skilled jobs for the majority of its workforce who have some form of disability.


This is the driving vision of Chairman David Roberts: "every year it becomes even more relevant to ensure that we practice and promote greater social responsibility in corporate thinking and strategy. We are in danger of the industrial revolution, that brought so much prosperity and better living standards to so many in the West becoming a divisive agent; with too much wealth in the hands of too few. The 4th Industrial Revolution should not only be about technology and automation but about balancing social justice and responsibility, better life/work choices and less short term financial gains"


Remploy is a benchmark and leading exponent and example of true Corporate Social Responsibility.


We are the assembly, kitting and packing of a number of sub-assembly components to supply OEM’s, Tier One suppliers and Aftermarket parts providers.

The parts over a wide range of automotive components such as:

•Fuel systems

•Braking systems

•Cooling systems

•Chassis components

•Electrical systems


•We employ a workforce of c220 people, predominantly comprising of people with disabilities. This gives our customers an instant response and agility to deal with changes in their product mix and volumes. This includes emergency changes to product configuration. Because we are a people business we can change mix and flow within minutes to ensure our customers never lose a vehicle.

•Maintaining the  ethos of providing employment opportunities to people with disabilities is a key USP in terms of marketing the business to customers. Our customers want to have part of their supply chain that practices social corporate responsibility.


•The business is built upon employment of disabled and disadvantaged people. It is a flagship example in Europe of how commercial and socialresponsible objectives can be achieved.

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